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Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass may be looking for you.

Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass is seeking applicants to join our mosquito and tick control and prevention family.

Right now Mosquito Squad of the Wiregrass is looking for a few good men, or women to join our mosquito and tick prevention and control staff. If you like the outdoors, don’t mind carrying a little equipment and don’t mind sporting a mask then you may be the right person for the job. This opening is a ground-floor opportunity and we are seeking those certain individuals that would thrive here. No experience required. Must be highly motivated, self-starter, able to work (once trained) without constant supervision.


  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must be legally qualified to work in the United States
  • Must be able to lift a minimum of 65 pounds
  • Must have valid driver’s license with good driving record
  • Must have access to reliable transportation to and from work
  • Must possess customer communication/service skills
  • Must have basic computer skills
  • Must be able to wear a respirator

Job Duties

  • Apply pesticides
  • Apply larvacide granules
  • Maintain clean vehicle
  • Monitor vehicle needs (oil, tire pressure, etc)
  • Maintain gas levels
  • Ensure proper oil to gas ratio in gas cans.
  • Maintain and document all receipts for gas and other work related purchases
  • Ensure security of all work related equipment
  • Ensure first time customers receive yard sign
  • Maintain dialog with contractors
  • Provide accurate invoices for customers
  • Ensure the safety of people and wildlife in proximity to chemical application
  • Help maintain and exceed customer expectations
  • Always wear appropriate protective clothing and equipment
  • Must be able to work outside while performing the above duties

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